Jack Elliot

Johnny Depp Double / Impersonator Patrick Schramm

Jack Elliot has performed for the following TV stations

mieten kaufen wohnen Mallorca

Exclusiv das Starmagazin, Explosiv, Punkt 12, Guten Morgen Deutschland (multiple times)

Terra X

Two Segments with Ingo Zamperoni


Free Spirit TVTV show with Bruno W├╝rtenberger (Switzerland)

General Information

Since a couple of years Johnny Depp wears his hair short and my own hair is just about the same. On request though, i do have two wigs in real longer hair similar to those in the movies ‘Secret Window’ and ‘The Tourist’

Everybody likes to be an individual and it is not that easy to copy someone else. For Jack Elliot this is not a problem. He lives Johnny Depp. Due to his appearance it is extremely difficult to distinguish him from the original. Jack Elliot doesn┬┤t have to force himself to play a role and he can represent the double anywhere it is wished for.

Field of application

A double is a person whose appearance is similar to another person mostly of celebrities. They are frequently booked for presentations to receive the attention of the public. In addition they can double the celebrity her/himself to guaranty their safety. Last but not least a double can be used at film festivals, premieres, advertisements and private events for example.
Jack Elliot studied economics and Spanish at High Point University in North Carolina. He had a sports scholarship and played Golf for the university team. Johnny Depp grew up in Kentucky which is very close to North Carolina. In the meantime Jack Elliot took advantage of studying abroad to learn another new language and get the experience in a different country. All together he spent 3 semesters in Spain.
Once he finished his studies in the degree business of science and Spanish he moved to central Florida to start a career in the golf business. After 9 years living away from his original home he travelled back to Germany to continue in the Golf sector.
Jack Elliot height is 178 cm (5.8 feet) and weight is 75 kg (165 pounds). This is very similar to Johnny Depp himself. Yet this alone might not be very unusual but have a closer look at the pictures. His appearance mimics and gestures are amazingly close to Johnny Depp.


Besides his work as a double Jack Elliot would also like to support the protection of endangered species and environment. His goal is to put a statement so that people are more concerned about these two issues. Since his early childhood he was extremely fascinated by all kinds of animals ranging from little critters two huge dogs and spent most of his spare time outdoors. So Jack Elliot would like to reach out to the people and illustrate the importance of education and responsibility concerning the protection of endangered species and the environment. It is also possible to book Jack Elliot regarding those two themes. He can perform either in german, english or spanish.



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